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Singer-songwriter, author and speaker, Carole Brewer brings beautiful music, Bible-inspired messages, and contagious joy to your next event!

Quick Checklist for a Good SpeakerFit

Being a ministry leader or event planner is a calling, a privilege, and a challenge!  And when you’re planning an event, finding just the right speaker is a big part of that challenge!!  Your heart’s desire is to organize an experience that really inspires, entertains, and encourages your people. 

Budget is also a big consideration and you’d probably like to avoid as much stress as possible. For your event to be a success, the speaker you select must have the ability, the experience, and the heart to deliver a presentation that captures the audience’s attention and points them to the Lord!


Carole loves to speak!How I Serve

After more than 30 years of fulltime ministry, I've been blessed to really hone my messages and music to effectively deliver heartfelt, transforming events.

My greatest joy has been helping women feel loved, experience freedom from past hurts and understand what it truly means to have their identity in Christ. In fact, my ministry has expanded to include a popular radio show called "Bible Chicks" that features inspiring stories and testimonies that help women strengthen their faith and refresh their spirit.

As a singer-songwriter and pianist, I'm known for providing well-organized, easy-to-understand, entertaining, educational, and anointed speaking and music presentations that are seamless. Event planners also love the fact that I offer much support and great ideas during the planning process as it makes their job so much easier.

My newest women's retreat is Revitalize!  It’s a place where women are treated to a spiritual spa; bathing in God’s presence through worship and the Word. Your women will come back refreshed and renewed!

Visit my Women's Events page to learn more about this and other favorite topics for retreats, keynotes, and more.


Heart Changing Events “Carole is funny, passionate and talented. She can play piano like nobody’s business!  She ties practical life issues and lessons with God’s will for our lives. She’s all about ministering and it shows.” -Judy Ross, New Life Community Church

“With Carole being both an excellent speaker and musician, it made it so easy for us! All we had to worry about was the venue, decor, food and favors. She even brought her own sound system!” —Candi Okada, River Ridge Neighborhood Church

" are such a delight and your joy and enthusiasm for our Father God is contagious. Thank you for all you do to advance His Kingdom." —Carrie Kikes, Founder, Daughters of the King (pictured above)

“I am so amazed how seamlessly Carole flows from speaking, power-points and singing. Whew! She is great at what she does.” Diane Gardner, Author



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