"The King and I" Women's Retreat

“With Carole being both an excellent speaker and musician, it made it so easy for us! All we had to worry about was the venue, decor, food and favors. She even brought her own sound system!”
—Candi Okada, River Ridge Neighborhood Church


The Retreat Components and Sample Audio Clips

The King and I - Part 1: Trusting in His Love

Deepen your understanding of Jesus, the Shepherd King who unconditionally values and loves you.

The King and I - Part 2: Living as a Woman of Royalty

Discover the heart-healing truths that establish your unquestionable identity as an heiress in the Kingdom of God.

The King and I - Part 3: Entering His Throne Room

Develop a closer bond with Jesus, the King of Peace. Be refreshed and reassured in His presence during a Concert of Prayer.

The King and I - Part 4: Worshipping Our King

Give honor and glory to the Eternal King; sing His praises, and consider new ways to worship Him every day.


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