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Greetings from Carole with Bible Chicks Jingle

Bible Chicks is a positive, upbeat radio show about women helping women navigate life’s ups and downs, joys and trials, lessons and life experiences. We have fun and we learn from each other, all filtered through God’s love letter to us.

Though the name “Bible Chicks” is lighthearted and the logo humorous, calling women “chicks” does not trivialize their efforts. Chicks are disciples of a protective parent. Indeed, Jesus likened Jerusalem’s people to chicks he wanted to gather together “the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings.”
~Matthew 23:37 and Luke 13:34

Hosted and produced by author, speaker, and singer/songwriter Carole Brewer, Bible Chicks are here to encourage your heart. Listen to our unique stories and beautiful music from women who daily choose to read, believe and live out God’s word.


Marnie Swedberg Babbie Mason Jodie Stevens Jennifer Strickland
Marnie Swedberg Babbie Mason

"Flow Through Vessel"

"Embraced by God"
Author, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter
and Host of Babbie Mason Radio

Radio Host & Author of "Genuine Life"

"God's Grace: The Ultimate Bargain!"

International Model & Author | UR More Ministries
Carol Kent Maralee Dawn Mary James Debra Thompson
Carol Kent Maralee Dawn Mary James Debra Thompson

"Unquenchable Faith"

"God's Power & Restoration"

"Fearfully & Wonderfully Made"

"Blind, But Walking in
God's Light"
Deborah Pegues Becky Baker Kandi Rose Angela Alexander
Deborah Smith Pegues Becky Baker Angela Alexander

"Confronting Life's Issues"

"Beulah" & Becky
Life is a Gift!


"Miracles in Action"
Guadalupe C. Casillas Carole Brewer Karol Ladd Renee Bondi
Guadalupe C Casillas Carole Brewer Renee Bondi

"Flight to Freedom!"

"Now My Heart is
Straight Too!"

"Becoming a Woman
of the Word"

"The Power of Praising God"
Elizabeth Thompson Geniene Johnson Susan Maxwell Skinner Diane Gardner
Beth Thompson Geniene Johnson Susan Maxwell Skinner Diane Gardner

"Equipping Writers to
Inspire the World!"

"Sticking to My Convictions"

Susan Maxwell Skinner
An Author's Journey:
From Princess Diana
to God's Creation
Diane Gardner
"Being a Beautiful Woman of God"
Chaplain Rachel Coggins Marion MacKenzie Pyle Petra S. Pearce &
Rachel S. Hewitt
Karen Penfold
Marion MacKenzie Pyle Karen Penfold

"Watching for the Wounded"

"Healed, Healthy & Whole" - Media & Communications Professional

Producing the Film "Return to the Hiding Place"

"Choose Hope"

Lisa Daggs Michele Modellas Heather Murdock Dr. Kandee Mamula
Guadalupe C Casillas Michele Modellas Heather Murdock Dr Kandee Mamula

"Forgiveness is a
Powerful Thing!"

"Depending on Jesus for Every Breath"

"I Tried to Outrun My Past"

"They Can't Make Jesus Leave"

Sandi Padilla Kathy Boyd Fellure    
Sandi Padilla Kathy Boyd Fellure    

"Adopted by Jesus!"

"Blessed by God
to Write"


For in Him we live, move, and have our being. - Acts 17:28