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Carole Brewer, Christian Singer and Speaker

passionately reflects
lasting expressions
of God's love.

Her unique presentations
are a seamlessly
interwoven blend of
dynamic, heartfelt
messages and Carole's
beautiful songs of worship.
Audiences connect with
Carole and take with them
hope, encouragement,
life-transforming truths,
and a rekindling of love
for our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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Cookin' Up a Song
Voice Training

Carole Brewer teaches diction class at BASS Convention
Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3, 2012
Cookin' Up a Song - Voice Workshops
Redwood Chapel, Castro Valley, CA
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Wednesdays beginning April 11, 2012
San Juan School District - Adult Education
At Sunrise Tech Center, Citrus Heights, CA
Eight-Week Series - Wednesdays - 12:30p - 2:00p
Dates: 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23, 530
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Cookin' Up a Song!

“I’m glad Carole had an opportunity to minister her talent to our people.”  
Rohn J. Ritzema, ACSI Regional Director,
Northern California~Hawaii Region

“You have been a wonderful instructor and we've really enjoyed the classes.  We've learned a lot of new techniques too.”  
Bob & Mary Jean Fitzgerald, Class Attendees

You may be thinking to yourself, "Why a cookbook to learn how to sing? Am I supposed to slice and dice my phrases? Perhaps, I’m adding too many eighth notes and not enough sugar! If my song is underdone, should I throw it back on the staff or just smother it with lots of gravy? What’s the connection here?"

Why not a cookbook? Isn’t it OK to take a technical skill and make it fun? I say, "Give me something that I can relate to…. like food!" Personally, I’m not attracted to stuffy formats, so this is my way of bringing an otherwise lofty art down to ground level. After all, music is just one of the many great gifts that God gives to His church.

Cookin’ up a song takes thought, planning, practice, good ingredients, and creativity… just like cookin’ up a scrumptious dish, don’t you think?

Please relax, enjoy, and then share your prepared "feast" with others. Oh yes, and reserve the platform of honor and praise for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

God bless you as you practice and learn. Thank you for your willingness to give of your time and talents to bless others with the gospel through music.

In Christ’s love, Carole

"Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven."
~Matthew 5:16

Discover the joy of servant-hearted singing!

Let Carole be your personal vocal coach as she shares her concert-tested recipes for deep breathing, beautiful tone quality, gourmet diction, stage presence, microphone techniques, confidence builders, and for becoming an effective Christian communicator...all the how-to’s of singing plus more for less than the price of one private voice lesson! This newest version of Carole’s popular guidebook is well-seasoned with inspirational stories, delightful illustrations, and lots of humor!

What's inside the book?

Here's the scoop, chapter by chapter:
  • Audio technician

  • Body language

  • Buying a microphone

  • Consonants

  • Eating before singing

  • Food for Thought Bible verses

  • Getting in shape

  • Healthy Throat Recipes

  • Here's the scoop on:
    Chest & head tones
    Sinus cavities
    Vocal cords
    Voice classifications

  • Holding a microphone

  • Just a note about:
    A place to practice
    Singing with the piano

  • Prayer from a Singer's Heart

  • Pwactice Makes Poifect
    Simple recipes for:
    A sound check
    Deep breathing
    Effective communication
    Eye contact
    Entrances and exits
    Facial expressions
    Focusing the tone
    Good posture
    Hands and knees
    Microphone techniques

  • Relaxing the mouth

  • Singing on camera

  • Scales

  • Standing

  • Using your space

  • Vocal flexibility & range

  • Walking comfortably

  • Warming-up the voice

  • Recipe for:
    A Happy Day
    A Happy Life

  • Suggestions for:
    Accompaniment tracks
    Singing with an accompanist
    Using sheet music

  • Developing your ministry
    Dealing with criticism
    Finding places to sing
    Out of comfort zone
    Private voice lessons
    Your message
    Your target audience

  • Looking Simply Mahvelous
    Makeup & hair

  • Tension in the mouth

  • Vowels

BOOK REVIEW (Spring 2009)
Cookin' Up a Song – Voice Training and More  (Carole Brewer)
Written by Bill Rayborn, Publisher of iLevite for church music and worship leaders

(A self-help book for singers...seasoned with faith and humor) by Carole Brewer
ISBN 978-0-615-17264-4, 112 pages, spiral bound.
J. W. Brewer Music Publishing Company, PO Box 60955, Sacramento, CA 95860

I have a confession to make. When I first saw the title of this little book and the boiling pot illustration on the cover, I somehow thought this must be a "how to" book for women vocalists. I know, that sounds dumb...actually that was dumb...but that was my first super-male response. 


What is true about this book is that it is not only informative about how to be the best vocalist God intended, it is packed with encouraging Scripture, tons of great illustrations, and lots of down-to-earth humor by a delightful woman.

This great little book teaches—in an ever so practical way—the things many of us took years of vocal training to learn: How to breathe, how to stand, how to hold a mic, how to purchase a mic, vocal classifications, diction, building confidence...even the scoop on sinus cavities.

This is a great book for every choir member...but be sure to read it first so you don't get embarrassed answering questions such as what "eliding" is!

I first met CAROLE in California when I was keynote speaker for the California Baptist Ministers of Music. Her enchanting personality, spiritual depth, plus 10 years as a public school music teacher make her in great demand for workshops and speaking engagements. She also has a popular concert and worship ministry, music, and books.

Keep on cookin', Carole.


"I learned more from Carole Brewer's one hour presentation than I learned in six years of voice lessons."  Phyllis Regester, Monterey Bay Academy, La Selva Beach, CA

"I received Carole's Cookin' Up a Song and look forward to using it in our groups' regular rehearsals." John Cotten, First Baptist Church, Winder, GA

"It looks lovely. I really enjoy the illustrations and am getting a lot of good ideas for teaching." Judy L. Greenhill, New Hampshire Music Teachers Association

"I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Cookin’ Up a Song. It’s a great book."
Cheryl Lowe, Music Director, Meredith Drive Reformed Church, Des Moines, IA

"What a fun way to learn how to sing."
Laurie Dennis, Port Huron, MI

"I read the book and I LOVED it! What a blessing it is to have someone write with the Lord as the focus and in such a practical way. Praise God!!"

Paula Brents, Worship Team

Available on CD or cassette

Carole shares many key "recipes" from her singer's guidebook and demonstrates her easy-to-understand vocal techniques. Listen to other voice students as they participate in vocal exercises and interact in a question and answer segment. This fun-filled and informative workshop is the perfect compliment to Carole's book.


Carole has a variety of one-hour voice workshops available for conferences. For her workshop descriptions, please see Retreat Workshops under CONFERENCES AND RETREATS.


Carole has a BA in Music (Voice), an MA in Education (Special Education), and California State Teaching Credentials in the following subjects Music Education, Special Education (Learning Handicapped and Severely Handicapped), Adult Education, and a Diploma in Professional Modeling. She is a graduate of Bible Study Fellowship, has studied the Pentateuch in Bible college, participated in Women of the Word, and has completed eight years of study in Community Bible Study. Carole taught music and special education in public schools and with her husband, Jan, co-directed and traveled with the River City Good Time Band, an internationally acclaimed music group of developmentally disabled adults. Carole has been in full-time music ministry since 1986. The Brewer’s traveled through Israel and Jordan with Crossroads Ministries in 1996.






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