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Carole's Singing, Music & Voice Training

As a seasoned and well-trained musician, Carole is enjoying the opportunities she has to sing and record her original songs, lead others in songs of worship from the piano, and teach the art and joy of effectively communicating the Gospel through singing. Voice training. Currently, Carole is a soloist with Winds of Faith, a 45-piece symphonic band performing in the Greater Sacramento Area. She also continues to incorporate her music into her uplifting speaking presentations.

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"They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness,"  Psalm 145:7

Performances by Carole

Carole leads women in worship and sings "You Raise Me Up"



Voice Training for Singers & Speakers

Carole Brewer teaches Voice Training class

Carole teaching for Association
of Christian Schools, International

Take your singer's artistry and confidence to the next level! You will learn and practice easy to understand, concert-tested techniques for breathing, singer's diction, stage presence and much more!

View Voice Seminar excerpt: "How We're Built to Sing" below.



COOKIN' UP A SONG Workshop Series

Cookin' Up a Song Voice WorkshopCookin' Up a Song - Basic Recipes for Singing
Got air? Join us for a fun-filled class based on the popular voice manual, Cookin' Up a Song by singer/speaker Carole Brewer. You’ll learn Carole's innovative, easy to understand, concert-tested "recipes" including well-baked breathing, relax al dente, and good vibrations. All great singing starts here!

Cookin' Up a Song - Diction Delicacies for Singers
Got lyrics?  How often have you heard someone say they liked the song but couldn’t understand the words?  Take the next step to developing your vocal artistry and sounding like a pro. Great communication starts here!

Cookin' Up a Song – Platform Techniques for Singers and Speakers
Got nerves? Practice with Carole as she presents several important “recipes” for engaging an audience and for being an effective communicator. Great appearance starts here!


Voice Class Reviews

Carole Brewer teaches Adult Education Music Diction Class

Carole teaching at the Bay Area Church Workers Convention (BASS)

"Carole is a marvelous voice teacher! I would take her course again." -Voice Class Attendee

"The instructor was excellent. It was not only interesting, but informative and FUN!!" -Voice Class Attendee

"I learned more from Carole Brewer's one hour presentation than I learned in six years of voice lessons."  -Voice Class Attendee

Voice Seminar Excerpt

How We're Built to Sing!

A sample of Carole's Voice Traning Seminar (Taught at Christian Women in Media Association Conference)


Cookin' Up a Song by Carole BrewerCookin' Up a Song - A Self-Help Manual for Singers Seasoned with Faith ...and Humor! (available here)

“This great little book teaches in an ever so practical way the things many of us took years of vocal training to learn:
How to breathe, how to stand, how to hold a mic, how to purchase a mic, vocal classifications, diction, building confidence... even the scoop on sinus cavities!" -Bill Rayborn, Publisher of iLevite Magazine [See entire review]

"It looks lovely. I really enjoy the illustrations and am getting a lot of good ideas for teaching." -Judy L. Greenhill, New Hampshire Music Teachers Association

"I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Cookin’ Up a Song. It’s a great book!"
-Cheryl Lowe, Music Director, Meredith Drive Reformed Church, Des Moines, IA

"What a fun way to learn how to sing."-Laurie Dennis, Port Huron, MI

"I read the book and I LOVED it! What a blessing it is to have someone write with the Lord as the focus and in such a practical way. Praise God!!"
-Paula Brents, Worship Team