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Carole Brewer's Statement of Faith


I am confident that the Bible is the holy inspired Word of God.

I acknowledge and honor God, my heavenly Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. His love is infinitely perfect.

I proclaim Jesus Christ as my Lord—the Son of God who came in human flesh—the King of my life and heart whom I give all glory, honor, and praise.

I embrace the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Godhead (Trinity). I depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance, comfort, and empowerment to serve God—demonstrating the love of Jesus to others in my daily life.

I believe that Adam's fall into sin left humanity without the hope of heaven apart from a new birth, made possible by Jesus Christ’s death and bodily resurrection.

I believe the offer of salvation is God's love-gift to all. Those who accept it by faith, apart from works, become new creatures in Christ.